Musings and Rambles in the City of Copenhagen

Thursday 3 December 2009

Angela Merkel's friendly face along with a variety of other climate change related advertisements greeted me at Copenhagen airport.

I arrived in Copenhagen today. Although the conference does not officially begin until December 7 and we don’t start our course until December 8, I wanted to arrive early to soak up the atmosphere of the city pre conference. I’m hoping to explore the city and attend a couple of the pre-COP15 events like the Conference of the Youth and Opening Ceremony of COP15.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. Everything is very efficient. The airport had both a train and metro station taking people into the city, outer Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark. The train stations and metro stations are so much cleaner than any other city's I've ever been to. While the cost of living is expensive, it is possible to live on the cheap by shopping at supermarkets and 7/11s for food and living off hotdog stalls that seem to appear on every street corner! The city is buzzing and the locals are very friendly - perhaps because they know how many visitors they are going to receive! In fact, I heard that there is a website where Danes can volunteer to host COP15 participants and help out in that way.

Today I had the opportunity to walk around the city and check out all the amazing public spaces and exhibitions that were being held concurrently with COP15. I also enjoyed the free public transport, thanks to being a COP15 participant!

Even Copenhagen's postcard pretty harbour is into recycling!

The whole city has been swept up in climate change action! This is a photo taken at Kongens Nortov in a big, public square. This is a public exhibition of sculptures of globes. Residents from around Copenhagen have constructed artwork of their approach and interpretation of climate change.

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